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’27, 28, 29 Juillet 1830/ 24 Mai 1831. La Valeur Recompense’e’, c1830s

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Mounted coloured lithograph, consisting of two scenes side by side on a single sheet, entitled, ’27, 28, 29 juillet 1830.’ and ’24 Mai 1831. la valeur récompensée.’, designed by anon, lithographed by Gerard Renard Villain, and published by anon. Undated.

The first scene, ’27, 28, 29 juillet 1830.’ depicts the neo-classical exterior of a “PHARMACIE.”. A man stands against the shop’s shuttered windows with his arms raised in an act of surrender. The pharmacist emerges from the open door. The scene is subtitled, “fermez la Boutique, Voici les rebelles.” (English translation: ‘close the Shop, Here are the rebels’). 27-29 July 1830 was the uprising known as the July Revolution that led to Louis-Philippe’s accession as a constitutional monarch.

The second scene, ’24 Mai 1831. la valeur récompensée.’ (English translation: ’24 May 1831. rewarded value’), shows the pharmacy interior. The pharmacist, now dressed in the uniform of an army officer with sword by his side, stands with hand on heart, covering the mi