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‘A Going! A Going!!!’, 1813

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Mounted hand coloured etching, entitled ‘A GOING! A GOING!!!’, designed by Richard Newton, etched by Thomas Rowlandson, and published by Thomas Tegg around 1813.

A fat doctor can be seen wearing old fashioned dress, with a gold headed cane under his left arm and his cocked hat under the other. He stands with a complacent smile regarding his dying patient seated in an armchair.

The doctor declares “My Dear Sir you look this Morning the Picture of health, I have no doubt at my next visit I shall find you intirely[sic] cured of all your earthly infirmities”.

By the patient is a small round table with a medicine bottle, a bowl and spoon and a paper lettered; “PRESCRIPTIONS BOLUS and c BLISTERS”. Medicine bottles and pots line the windowsill. A concerned looking old nurse stands in the doorway behind the doctor.