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‘A Practical Lecture on the Digestive Organs !! By the Eccentric Doctor A.B.E-Knee- Thigh’ 1828

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Mounted hand coloured etching, entitled ‘A PRACTICAL LECTURE on the DIGESTIVE ORGANS !! by the Eccentric Doctor A.B.E-Knee- Thigh.’, designed and etched by George Cruikshank, and published by John Fairburn in 1828.

The scene is set at a dinner party. After the meal, to the surprise of the other guests seated at the table, the ‘Eccentric Doctor A.B.E-Knee- Thigh’ lies on the floor to aid his digestion.

The Doctor lectures to the other guests: “Ladies & Gentleman, this is my usual custom after Dinner __ I am now Ruminating in order to promote Digestion _ you should take my Blue Pill now and then fasting _ Read Carnaro on temperance, he lived to nearly the age of Methuselah! practise his rules, and regimen (if you can) Get up before Sunrise, and go to bed after sunset, (if possible) _ Sluice yourselves every morning, Winter & Summer with cold spring water, (if you can get it) and if not, in the best New River water you can get _ Lie on your backs as you see I do, every day after dinner _ Quadruped, when t