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‘Advice Gratis’, c1830-1840

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Mounted hand coloured etching, entitled ‘ADVICE GRATIS.’, designed, etched, and published by anon, around 1830.

Set in the interior of an apothecary or chemist and druggist’s shop, with carboys displayed in the window and on the glass panels of the door a sign reads: “ADVICE GRATIS FROM 10 TILL 2”.

An unhappy customer, an old woman with a crutch under one arm and carrying a basket full of medicine bottles, remonstrates with the druggist: “Seven shillings ! Lork Sir, I thought it was Gratis !!!” The druggist replies: “Aye my good Woman, we give the advice, but charge for the Medicine.”

Behind them is the counter with a pill tile and a mortar and pestle, behind the counter a drug run and drug jars.