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‘Advice (To Costermongers) Gratis’, c1830-1840

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Mounted coloured lithograph, entitled ‘ADVICE (To Costermongers) GRATIS.’, designed and lithographed by anon, and probably published by Gabriel Shire Tregear around 1830-1840.

A working man is accurately depicted in the distinctive dress of a coster, in breeches, short jacket and cap and smoking a short pipe. He is riding a donkey which is sprouting abundant vegetables, including carrots, turnips and cabbages.

The text below the image reads: “How to set up in Business, give your Hanimal a feed of Morrissons Wegetable Pills, and you will have no occasion to go to Common Garden blow me !!!”.

At least 25 caricatures were published during the 1830s ridiculing Morison’s Pills. This caricature comments on the public’s gullibility in accepting Morison’s exaggerated claims. The title is a pun on the free medical advice given to customers by Chemists and Druggists.