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‘An Address of Thanks from the Faculty to the Right Honble., Mr Influenzy’, 1803

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Mounted hand coloured etching, entitled ‘AN ADDRESS of THANKS from the Faculty to the Right Honble., Mr INFLUENZY for his Kind Visit to this Country.’, designed by Temple West, etched by anon, and published by Samuel William Fores in 1803.

This caricature is a satirical attack on the excessive profit perceived to be made by doctors out of suffering, and their corrupt practices. A group of nine doctors, dressed in sombre ‘professional’ grey, are arguing over the efficacy of their rival remedies for treating influenza.

The doctors bow and kneel as they come before a personification of Influenza to present their “ADDRESS OF THANKS” to him. One says, “I humbly hope when our worthy Friend takes his departure, he will leave some few of his relics behind, for our future Benefit”.

The caricature was designed during an influenza epidemic in France and England; at a time when France and England were politically hostile to each other. As the personification of influenza, ‘Mr Influenzy’ is portrayed as a green