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‘The Arts and Manufactures of the Medical Profession,’ 1850

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Mounted hand coloured etching, entitled ‘The Arts and Manufactures of the Medical Profession and the Marvels of the British College of Health.’, designed by George Augustus Henry Sala, etched by anon, and published by the ‘Committee of the Society for Keeping Things in Their Place’ in 1850. ‘

This caricature consists of four small caricatures.

Two sobbing doctors, dressed in grey, captioned: “Members of the Colleges of Surgeons and Physicians lamenting the spread of Hygean doctrines and the consequent downfall of the Guinea Trade”.

A man carrying a very large composition mortar and pestle, captioned; “Disconsolate Apothecary with pestle and mortar reversed”.

A man with a huge prescription; “Ars. alb, Nux. vom., Merc. and prus. ac.”, captioned; “A real prescription, Price £1/1. Expected in a few years, to be as valuable for its rarity as any Manuscript in the British Museum”.

A man carrying a tray of poison bottles, captioned; “Prize specimens of the stock in trade of Doctor’s Shops.” The bo