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‘A Consultation at the _ ‘Medial Board”, c1800s.

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Mounted hand coloured etching, entitled ‘A Consultation at the_ “MEDICAL BOARD”.’, designed, etched and published by anon and undated.

Below a picture titled “PHENOMENA” a seated portly well dressed doctor confers with an anthropomorphic figure, composed of medical items, regarding the course of treatment to prescribe the thin bedraggled male patient standing before them.

The anthropomorphic figure says to the doctor: “Put on a blister __ twelve draughts a day__sixteen powders__a pill every hour__a composing mixture__a bolus night and morning__a proper emetic__and then bleed him of Course”.

The well dressed doctor responds: “I should think my friend you would recomend [sic] him plenty of medicine, and let me bleed him; though he seems poor he’l [sic] pay. –“.

The patient replies: “I am very much obliged to your Honour! I can spare a little blood____but spare my flesh for I don’t think I have as much as would have satisfied Shylock on my Carcase!”.

The doctor holds an open lancet in his ri